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Koh Mook is a large island comparing with nearby islands but little smaller than Koh Libong. It is well known as the owner of Morakot Cave. Koh Muk is virtually more interesting for its beautiful beaches of fertile natural surroundings. It is the island of ancient communities mostly Muslim. Villagers normally use long-tailed boats to travel between the island and Kuan Tung Ku Pier taking only about 15 minutes.

Most tourists prefer to use the package tour service which includes the tour program of other nearby islands. Koh Mook is the third largest island of Trang Sea taken care by Had Chao Mai National Park, Koh Libong, Sub District, Kantang District. The island's feature is of high cliffs and rocks facing the open sea at the western coast. The island's eastern coast is the plain with the cape heading towards the main land where Ban Koh Muk is Located in between the sea. One side is Hua Laem Beach and Sapanyao Pier while the other side is Phangka Bay. Swimming can be done along the shoreline, the area of fertile seaweed which is the delicious food for the dugong (sea cow).

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